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Zoom Strengthening Vagi-Gel
Zoom Strengthening Vagi-Gel

Strengthening Vagi-Gel

$32.00 USD


Key Ingredients:

Aloe juice, alcohol, Glycerin, and Xanthum gum.

Key Features:

Strengthening Vagi-Gel helps strengthen, moisturizes, retain moisture and provides a lubricating effect.  

Dr. Owusu's Vagi products target peri-menopausal, menopausal, post-menopausal and women with autoimmune disease where vaginal dryness is a concern. Some of their main issues are vaginal dryness and the pain during intercourse. While our products will aid in the external care and helps deal with dryness and pain, it is extremely important to be mindful of your diet. We recommend a whole food plant-based diet with lots of natural fruits and vegetables to get adequate vitamins and nutrients for your gracefully changing body. You can also check out: The Renew Health Book and the Female Support Supplement on our website.

If you are someone who is having any known serious vaginal problems, always consult your doctor before using these products. If you feel any discomfort or irritation after the application of any of these products, immediately stop the use and seek medical help. 


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